Release Notes

Version 3.4 (released on 14th November 2016)
  • Qualification certificates updated to new design
  • Additional checking functionality added to course registration to ensure Tutors and/or Examiners are only Tutoring and/or Examining one course at a time
  • Functionality added to all sign up forms within STA Online to opt in to newsletters
  • Automated confirmation now sends when members have lapsed or have cancelled their membership - an option to complete a short survey is also included
  • Various bug fixes
Version 3.3 (released on 23rd August 2016)
  • Candidate's date of birth information added to the 'Results' tab page for additional information for Course Organisers
  • Automatic reminder email function added which sends scheduled reminders to Course Organisers for courses where certificates have not yet been released
  • Various big fixes and improvements to user experience
Version 3.2 (released on 24th June 2016)

Membership dashboard implemented allowing members to:

  • View membership certificate
  • View membership policy
  • Update direct debit details
  • Cancel STA Membership
  • Request STA membership card
  • Request direct debit receipt
  • Updated other membership functions making it more user friendly
Version 3.1 (released on 21st April 2016)

Ability for Course Organisers to order hard copy certificates for candidates on their online registered courses.

Version 3.0 (released on 1st March 2016)
  • Ability for users to revisit online programme information once programme has been completed
  • Total restructure of STA Online’s resource area, which includes:
    • Search facility
    • Ability for all resources associated with a course to be downloaded via a button located on the course builder
    • Re-structure to enable users to find resources more easily
  • Launch of e-manuals enabling users to now purchase an electronic copy of a training manual, Course Organisers can also purchase these in bulk and allocate to candidates on their courses registered through STA Online
  • Versioning history for STA Training Manuals, detailing information on what changes have been made to manuals, downloadable pages are also available for candidates to update their existing manuals
  • System changes to support mock examination papers – finalised mock exams to be made available shortly
  • Facility for moderations to be arranged more easily for STA Online registered courses
  • Stability for better user friendliness
Version 2.2 (released on 7th May 2015)
  • Various additional functions and alterations made to Corporate Accounts, including:
    • Ability to give Corporate rights to additional users
    • Ability to give additional users the rights to administrate and register courses on behalf of an organisation
    • Enhanced statistics
    • Other various fixes and house keeping tasks
  • Ability to register courses (which require examination papers) within a day of the examination start date (subject to conditions)
  • Function added which allows Course Organiser to download and email all available certificates from the result summary screen
  • Function added which requires additional skills within the course timetable if additional candidates are added to STA-A, STA-C and STASAT courses
  • Other fixes and house keeping tasks.
Version 2.1 (released on 29th January 2015)
  • Alterations made to 'Timetable' feature within the course builder allowing Course Organisers to run their course to the STA recommendations bypassing the timetable builder functionality.
  • Additional feature added when inviting candidates on their behalf. Course Organisers can now invite candidates using their candidate reference numbers (if known).
  • Facility enabling Course Organisers to enter an alternative email address for a candidate.
  • Address look-up feature implemented throughout STA Online.
  • Prevented allocation of the same programme multiple times.